Sunday, January 4, 2015

More Sensual Pleasure / Km Ridden

Idling at a traffic signal...

Ana: How much noise!

Clado: It's noise?! It's not!

Ana: I just don't like it. Too much.

Clado: It's called 'phatphati'! Not for no reason.

Ana: But I don't like it.

Clado: Some time back, remember, I took you for a good long ride on a Bullet? That you didn't mind, huh?!

Ana: That was different.

Clado: Aahaaaa!

Clado: Look, I have a theory for this.

Clado: For most riders, it's the throbbing sensation under the butt that works!

Ana: Yuckkkk! I don't want to hear this.

Clado: Arre, I am serious! Okay, answer this. Can a machine make music?

Ana: Ummmmm yes in a way, yes!

Clado: That's what! Bullet makes music. That's my theory. The phat-phat or whatever we call is just like beats. Within a certain speed-range, it's a pleasing rhythm for riders. But go beyond a speed and you might not like it.

Clado: In fact, while I see a lot of riders rip Bullets for speed, I think a Bullet is an 'anti-speeding bike'. And that's the charm. Chug along nicely with the beats and the wind.

Ana: Hmm...

Clado: And the roads and the things lining these roads can best be enjoyed when the speed is within a limit. Bullet does that. Makes music. Rides great within a limit.

Ana: Okay, anyway, I don't like it that loud. Can we talk something else? Write this thesis when you go home.

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