Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chain se maza lo...

Ana: What happened?
Clado: Am bored.
Ana: You don't look bored.
Clado: Am bored. And listless. And anxious.
Ana: How about some music?
Clado: What!?
Ana: Some music? And some mouth-freshner!?
Clado: Ana! Don't pakao me okay.
Ana: Alright, hear me out... Chaini chaini, chain se maza lo!
Clado: You picked that up! You know what? I hate this name. I hate pan masalas. But, once heard, this just doesn't stop ringing in my head. Stop it, stop it, stop it!
Ana: Clado Clado, chain se maza lo!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Aegon Religare couldn't enough care :)

Interesting article in the TOI Crest last weekend. Reminds me of a recommendation we made to Aegon Religare Insurance a couple of years back. We offered something similar but seems our pitch was marred by the manner in which we tried to reach out... Happens. Here's the presentation. You might find it interesting.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ignitor or Imposter

Clado: Ana, Ana, Ana....  
Clado is huff-puffing his way.
Clado: Ana...
Ana: Listening, Cladooooo!
Clado: Unbelievable! They've turned imposters now. Just found an evidence.
Ana: Whom are you talking about? And what evidence?
Clado: Remember, we rode the Honda Stunner?
Ana: Ya, I do. Naaaaaaice bike.
Clado: Now there's an Ignitor on the road. The same thing! Replica of Stunner!
Ana: Clado, they are better called twins.
Clado: Ya, lost-at-birth kind of twins. The other one only shows up later in the movie, right?
Ana: Smaaart!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Impulse is silky smooth

Clado: Ana, am disgusted!
Ana: What happened?
Clado: The Hero Impulse...
Ana: You didn't like it?
Clado: They call it Transroader - on-road, off-road bike. Gaaawd! Disgusting!
Ana: Will you tell me what happened?
Clado: The bike looks like it would shoot off the block as soon as you sit on it. Instead, it runs like Honda Unicorn. Silk and smooth.
Ana: O' com' on, impulses also need to be graceful. Clado, I like the stickers in fact. And I really don't mind waving a silk scarf riding smoothly on this bike... Any bike, rather!
Clado: That's the problem, Ana, that's the problem.