Saturday, January 31, 2015

Form beyond shape... Hippo over head!

Clado: Let's talk about a popular topic.

Ana: Okay? Popular topic! Done.

Clado: Any guesses!?

Ana: Umm... Yours very dear, Narendra Modi!

Clado: Why does that come here again? Okay, let me say, popular 'thing'.

Ana: Earrrrrings!

Clado: Noooo, that's just for women.

Ana: Alright, no guesses!

Clado: Alright, we'll talk about a thing that has form beyond shape. Yay!

Ana: This is too much. Say. Or don't say.

Clado: Smartphone, that's the most popular thinnnng!

Ana: You've broken your phone?!

Clado: Actually, I've just come across one which has form beyond shape.

Ana: What's that?!

Clado: I mean, a smartphone which has form beyond shape. Oppo smart phone! Dhan tannaaaan!

Ana: Hippo over my head. Let's get back to work!

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