Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three cocky men, one cocky conversation

Ana: Clado? Look, modern-age Tarzans!
Clado: Tarzan would eat that creature up!
Ana: How gastronomic!
Clado: Hey, seriously, what about the target audience for this one? The guys seem to be talking to each other and having fun in this Tarzan-like avatar. Chuckles
Ana: Gaaaaays!!!
Clado: Laughs out loud. Hmmmm, possible.
Few seconds later...
Clado: I suppose typically women buy inners for men, no?
Ana: Hmmm...
Clado: Btw, these guys have become stars... Six-packs, beefy arms, shapely legs! Look so cockeasy!
Ana: What! Cockeasy?!?! No Nooooo!.... Cockstars?!
Clado: Laughs out loud
Ana: Mmmmm... Cockkkkk... roaches sounds better!