Monday, December 29, 2014

Stereo-SEDAN-Type | brand extension to car extension

Ana: Yuckkkk!

Clado: What happened?
(In a fraction of a second, glances around)

Clado: Okay, I know.

Ana: How do they manage to do such things?

Clado: Ha ha! Economics. Or call it a politico-economic phenomenon.

Ana: What politico-economic?!?! Where does politics come in here?

Clado:  Okay, let me not explain it right now. But I am surprised, how do they digest such things in the first place? And invest? And people buy also!

Ana: People see that sedan-like-extension and say, "Wow, badi gaadi!"

Clado: Sastey mein sedan mil gayi!

Clado: And you know Swift Dzire sells like hot-cakes!?!

Ana: I hate that shape! Par kya hai Maruti hai toh sab chalta hai!

Clado: Tata started the rot. Other car-makers follow suit. Maruti wins. Rotten races also have winners after all.

Ana: Pattttheticcc!

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