Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's for you and your Mom... From Mahindra Retail

Clado: Who's 'me' here?
Clado: Of course, a kid.
Clado: So the kid is saying, 'this is for Mommy and me'.
Ana: They have good stuff. I thought it was a children's store. But they have stuff for women of all ages.
Clado: Same here. Always thought it was a children's store.
Clado: May be they think it's easier to get women to walk in on the pretext of checking out kids' stuff, and then as a surprise, buy for themselves too since the stuff is good, as you point out.
Ana: Yeah, I was surprised.
Clado: But then, if what I say holds, only women with really small kids would walk in. A woman without kids, what would she sense? She doesn't get the idea instantly, I'm sure.
Clado: Anyway, is the retail store a rugged one?
Ana: What! Rugged?!?!