Monday, June 16, 2014

What's the problem with El Nano?

"Clado, you read this?"

"Read what!?"

"It says 'Tata shuts Nano plant in Gujarat for 35 to 40 days as inventory piles up on low demand'!"

"Hmm... Am I surprised! Sometime back I remember Ratan Tata said he regretted calling it the 'cheapest car'."

"But I like it."

"Even I like it. Actually, I like it when it's stationary."

Ana chuckles... "Funny you are."

"No, really! I wonder why is it so difficult for these Tata guys to see what we see. That car, when it's running on the road, feels like it's gonna break apart in 1000 pieces. It rattles like crazy! It just feels so unpredictable."


"To my mind, it isn't the branding or this or that. To call it 'cheapest' might not be great promotion, but Nano doesn't sell coz its engine-build feels, not just 'cheapest', but also really inferior and unreliable. It feels worse than the earlier Bullet."

"Huh! What a comparo! You can't do that!"

"But seriously, Nano rattles. Audibly and literally!"

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