Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quanto slated for dustbino?

Ana (pointing towards the car that just passed by in the opposite direction): Waaaw! I just saw an ugly beast!
Clado (focussing on handling his bike on a busy road): What beast!
Ana: Yaaaa, uglier than any beast!
Clado lost in thought about such a demeaning comparison with animals. Few seconds later...
Clado: What did you see? 
Ana: Some Mahindra vehicle, I guess.
Clado: Xylo?
Ana: Not quite, but Mahindra.
Clado: Ooooh, you are talking about that... Quanto!
Ana: Gawd! Don't they think before launching!?
Clado: About what?
Ana: About whether it looks good or not, what else!
Clado: Ha ha! You've checked their bikes?
Knowing her answer, he continues...
Clado: Mahindra thinks Quanto will work because the grill looks like Scorpio's and Scorpio is a super-hit.
Ana: That's not right.
Clado: No, really! And since Quanto is shown as an SUV, I mean compact-SUV, Mahindra thinks Scorpio will come to mean the real SUV.
Ana's not listening now. Clado rambles on.
Clado: Mahindra had such a chance to dominate the category having taken the lead...

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