Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delhi 6 - a case of loss of focus

Many movie reviewers have pointed it out correctly - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's heart is at the right place but there's a lot more to be desired. By 'more' I think they are talking about execution quality perhaps.

I would say the movie needed a little less. It needed:
  1. fewer eccentric characters
  2. fewer types of music
  3. fewer visual themes
  4. fewer social issues
  5. fewer narrative themes / metaphors
Though the movie was breathtaking in individual bits and parts, though all the actors did justice to their characters, though the settings were amazing, there was a lot to contend with for the audience and therefore, while every issue was relevant, the impact wasn't as forceful as one would expect.

The movie felt like a collage of great visuals, good music and good performances. But that's what spoilt it for Delhi-6. The task of weaving them seamlessly wasn't a simple one; they were brought together eventually in quite a style but not with the required intensity.

The movie would have been far better made had there been a simple focus on the Abhishek-Sonam relationship with a backdrop of Hindu-Muslim tensions and mediated by the incident/metaphor of Kaala Bandar. The distracting visuals, music, characters would have automatically fallen in place.

Rare is a case where almost all the parts are perfect but the whole is less than perfect. Such is the perfection of each part that each one of it should ideally stand on its own and be converted into a separate movie.

Think about it. Does not each of the issues highlighted deserve a movie in itself? If that's the case, why complicate matters by mixing it all up in just one movie.

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Anonymous said...

The movie is not about any issue, for me it was just a mirror reflecting the sorry state we are in. In my honest opinion, the filmmaker never intended to deal with any plot per se, not even the Abhishek- Sonam relationship.

He just humanised all the characters, who are normally supporting a main theme. For once, he showed that everyone has his/ her own story. I mean that's how it is in life too, isn't it? We are so focussed on the main theme, that often we ignore the sub-plots.

I found it to be a new, brave style of film-making, a grand risk, but a risk nonetheless. Something that atleast I haven't encountered in mainstream Hindi cinema.

As a result, at the end of the movie, atleast I was left with thoughts about so many of the sub-plots, infact even the Abhishek - Sonam plot was also a sub-plot to me. All that the director said was look within....