Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yamaha into scooters?!

A report says that Yamaha is launching scooters in India. Scooters! Yes, scooters!

Okay, how do people in India perceive Yamaha? Performance bikes, right?

Has Yamaha done well in India? Not really. It just seems to be coming back on track. But has it? Not really, sales have to prove it yet.

What is Yamaha's market share in India? Barely 5%. Can it play the offensive game? Not really. But given it muscle it can at least adopt a flanking strategy. Is it doing that? Yes. Has it met with some success? Yes. What should be the next move? Capitalize by pushing further with the flanking strategy and perhaps go on the offensive.

So, what does it do? Launch tiny scooters! What'll happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

Yamaha needs to focus for the moment instead of getting distracted by launching products totally unrelated to the current perception of Yamaha. Otherwise, it could be staring down into yet another empty well.

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