Friday, April 11, 2008

Papa John's has better ingredients and the right message

Pizza wars are interesting to watch. It's hotting up here in India. More brands are getting launched

Have just come home after having a Red Hot Pepper Pizza at the newly opened Papa John's Pizza outlet here in Powai. Don't want to talk much about the experience, perhaps doesn't fall in the purview of this blog-post.

If you look at the message, it says "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." Pizza Hut for 'having pizza sitting in a restaurant', Domino's for 'home delivered pizzas'. It wouldn't make sense to be yet another Pizza brand for 'having pizza sitting in a restaurant'; there had to be something more to differentiate and clarify the positioning of Papa John's. So the brand focussed its message on 'ingredients' - one of the most important aspects of any recipe, especially pizzas. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. That does it. Nicely positioned, nicely differentiated.

Since it was the opening day of the outlet I visited, it had many attractions to engage the children. That made me realize that the name is 'Papa John's'. Is it like a McDonald's for pizzas? Probably. McDonald's offers burgers and targets children. Papa John's is for Pizzas and targets children? Could be.

Papa John's, by the way, also delivers at home though they chose not to highlight it. Different from Domino's? Yes. Different from Pizza Hut? Yes - simply because of the message, because of the focus on 'ingredients'.

Let's see, how does this category of Pizzas evolve and diverge further in India. I'll keep a watch, I like pizzas.


squirrelmama said...

It is interesting to see the marketing of Papa Johns in India - so very different from the way the brand is pushed here in the States. We have a Papa Johns not far from our home, we have never gone, but it is a modest little storefront tucked into a shopping strip and seems to be doing well. My brother down in Maryland reports that the Papa Johns is pretty well trafficked there. This is of course one of the latest pizza entries in the marketplace, what with Dominos and Pizza Hut being the mainstays for many many years. A good many years ago the big fad was the "Chicago pan pizza" chain, offering deepd-dish style pizza, almost like a quiche, instead of the flat pizzas most of us have become accustomed to. I am curious to see how the brand does in various markets around the world.

Siddharth Soni said...


Thank you for the informative comment.

A lot many brands which aren't that big internationally, when they enter India, seem to be pretty big. Certain very obvious reasons. May be, it's easier to showcase scale in India because of lower costs. Like in the US, Domino's and Pizza Hut dominate the pizza market. We'll wait and watch what other brands do. Papa John's is rightly positioned to begin with.

mirage said...

it was soo informative
the difrenciation and target market that u hav explained
is very logical and correct
papa johns is certainly doing this thing
and to with a good strategy

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